Crucial role for NIACE in Inquiry to support young women

29 April 2014

NIACE is playing a crucial role in a new Inquiry into the challenges faced by the half a million 18-24 year old women in England who are not in education, employment or training (NEET), launched by the Young Women’s Trust.

As a member of the Inquiry’s expert panel, NIACE will work to make recommendations about what needs to be done to:

  • Reduce the numbers of young women who are NEET
  • Reduce the length of time young women are NEET
  • Reduce the impact being NEET has on young women’s lives

The panel will examine evidence from practitioners, policy makers, the public, and most importantly, from young women themselves.

Carol Taylor, NIACE Director Research and Development, said:

“I’m really pleased to have been asked to sit on the expert panel for the Scarred for Life? Inquiry from the Young Women’s Trust, which is looking at the issue of young women who are NEET. NIACE has always been interested in the issues of young people and the learning they need to be able to lead fulfilled lives for work, for their family, for their own development and to enable them to participate fully in their community and in society. This Inquiry will look at the obstacles that young women face in accessing education, work and training, and make recommendations about what needs to change.”

Analysis by the Young Women’s Trust of official figures shows time spent being NEET is having a particularly devastating impact on young women’s lives now and in the future. Women who are NEET are likely to be unemployed for an average of 36 months; women who are unemployed in their youth can expect an average salary of £8,647 when they are 30-34 years old, compared to £17,804 for young men.