Parliament praises NIACE event for solutions to improve adult English and maths

31 March 2014

The BIS Select Committee has praised NIACE for hosting an ‘invaluable’ event last week, showcasing the steps being taken to tackle low levels of adult English and maths by representatives of local government, employers and training providers in Leicester.

Initiated and organised by NIACE, the event was part of the Business, Innovation and Skills Select Committee’s Inquiry into Adult Literacy and Numeracy which launched earlier this year.

The event incorporated visits to Leicester College and Leicester Prison, where members of the Committee had the opportunity to hear personal accounts of the transformative power of learning. It reconfirmed how vital this evidence is as part of the Inquiry, and the Committee is urging all learners to have a voice by submitting their evidence.

Adrian Bailey MP, Chairman of the Business, Innovation and Skills Committee, said:

“All Members benefited greatly from the day…The round-table session with the representatives from such a wide range of providers of adult literacy and numeracy was very informative…Both visits [to Leicester College and Leicester Prison] were invaluable in meeting both the staff and the adults who are improving their English and Maths. I hope that they will submit evidence of their own, so that they have a voice in the final Report. We are very keen to receive evidence from learners, so please do encourage people to submit evidence – written, oral or as a video.”