Partnership to improve learning for work prospects for adults

14 March 2014

David Hughes, the Chief Executive of NIACE and Graham Hasting-Evans, the Managing Director of awarding-organisation NOCN, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to officially confirm a strategic partnership covering support for Adult Learners’ Week and a particular focus on policy and development activity on learning for work.

NOCN, the organisation which works to preserve the heritage of the Open College Network (OCN), and NIACE are keen to work together as both organisations are committed to equality, diversity and inclusion and believe that people of all ages deserve opportunities to learn and progress in their careers and in their lives. They see this as vital not only for sustained economic growth but also for social mobility and vibrant communities. This new partnership agreement follows on from NOCN’s sponsorship of the Learning for Work Awards for last year’s Adult Learners’ Week, which they will be sponsoring again this year.

Graham Hasting-Evans said:

“NIACE and NOCN have had a long standing close relationship which we in NOCN value very much. Both organisations are committed to equality, diversity and inclusion and helping people of all ages reach their potential. There are tremendous changes coming about in the world of vocational skills and qualifications and NIACE and NOCN are committed to focus on the policies we think will benefit employers, learners, education providers and the wider economy.”

David Hughes said:

“It is great that we are linking NIACE and NOCN in this way because NIACE was so closely involved with establishing NOCN many years ago and because the whole approach of small, bite-sized learning which is accredited is more important now than ever. NOCN has an impressive range of qualifications and a commitment to engaging learners and employers which we support. The relationship will allow us to focus on the policies we want to see for learning for adults in this country and with a General Election on the horizon there are opportunities for new thinking and ideas which we hope to generate in the coming months.”