NIACE & Ofsted Joint Project: Illuminating excellent practice in Family Learning

14 January 2014

Ofsted and NIACE are collaborating on a piece of work to gather examples of good practice in Family Learning, and to celebrate this area of work. We hope to tie this into our annual celebration of adult learning, Adult Learners’ Week, in June 2014, by showcasing providers, learners’ achievement and excellent programmes, and by offering an ‘Adult Learners’ Week Award for Family Learning’.

We are asking for examples of good practice in Family Learning, whether that is in a school or library, park or religious centre; whether it’s with toddlers or older children; whether it focuses on dads, IT or family history. Ofsted and NIACE will then look at the applications and Ofsted has agreed to visit a number of programmes, to build up a picture of what is happening on the ground, what makes good practice, and what others might learn. This isn’t an inspection, but a visit by Ofsted staff interested in the subject, and who want to help us to showcase the area of work, its impact on adults and children; a chance for programmes to shine, and to influence the future funding and development of Family Learning.

We understand that the idea of an Ofsted visit might worry people, but this would be a chance for those working in Family Learning to showcase what they do, and to bring this important area of work back into the mainstream.