George Osborne commits the Conservative Party to full employment

7 January 2014

The Chancellor, George Osborne, has committed the Conservative Party to “a fight for full-employment,” in a speech marking the start of the tax and benefit changes in the UK.

Mr Osborne stated that the reforms to the tax and welfare system would help achieve this target, and that cutting corporation taxes, reducing the costs on businesses and helping businesses create new jobs would help him secure the “fullest” possible level of employment. He also said that there was “no reason why Britain shouldn’t aim to have the highest employment rate of any of the world’s leading economies – to have more people working than any of the other countries in the G7 group.” Although the Chancellor did not define full employment, he explained that individuals who were between jobs, those unable to work and those with caring responsibilities would not be included.

Labour have “absolutely” backed the target for full employment, but they have also criticised the government for not making the commitment soon enough.

A full transcript of the speech is available here.