NIACE and CBeebies announce new family learning collaboration

20 December 2013

Through the production of ten new modules, NIACE is working in collaboration with CBeebies – the BBC’s flagship television station and online facility for young children – to encourage more adults to learn with their children.

The ten modules include session plans and resources for Early Years and Family Learning practitioners and are available as free downloads.  They can be used as a stand-alone course or flexibly as part of separate sessions, for example as an introduction to family learning or in family learning taster workshops. These resources are designed to support the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) seven areas of learning and give strategies for parents to actively engage with children’s viewing and help them to identify and adapt on-screen activities to support children’s early learning and development. 

Sue Southwood, Programme Manager at NIACE, said:

“Watching television for young children is a double-edged sword.  Hours spent silently watching programmes intended for adults or using television as a babysitter is obviously far from ideal but watching TV with young children can spark conversation, introduce new words and ideas as well as be a shared and enjoyable experience in families.  Launched in 2002, CBeebies is the BBC’s flagship brand for young children and its website and app is packed full of games and activities to carry on learning after the television is turned off. CBeebies Grown-ups also offers a community and support to the parents and carers of this audience. However, many parents and carers do not readily think of television to support children’s learning and need guidance on how to get the best out of it. 

“Our Inquiry into Family Learning recommended that every child’s education must include family learning to help increase their levels of attainment at school.  As a result of this, we have teamed up with CBeebies Grown-ups to use the games and activities on its website as a spring-board to encourage parents and carers to think about early skills development and to inspire ‘hands-on’ activities to use at home with their children.

“This collaboration with CBeebies will enable us to appeal to more parents and carers, and persuade them to return to learning for themselves and for their children.”

The ten modules are:

1. On-screen adventures – exploring TV and on-screen learning with children.

2. Out and about – gardening, exercise.

3. Putting on a show – singing, dancing and role-playing.

4. Sounds and letters – reading skills.

5. Storytelling – describing and sequencing.

6. Number fun – counting and addition games.

7. Tiny, small, ENORMOUS – size and shape.

8. Food and cooking – weights and measures.

9. The world around us – everyday science.

10. Putting it all together – assessment and evaluation.