NIACE CEO thanked for crucial role in Foundation’s ‘good start’

22 November 2013

The Education and Training Foundation has publicly thanked David Hughes, Chief Executive of NIACE, for the accomplishments made during his time as Interim Chair of the Foundation.

In a letter, David Hughes is thanked for his:

“…hands-on engagement, strong leadership and focus on the key issues, as Chair of the Steering Group and then Interim Chair of the Foundation Board, [which] have been absolutely crucial in getting the organisation off to a very good start. You have been unstinting in the effort and time you have devoted to the Foundation over the last 12 months. Your clear sense of direction and ability to reach consensus with the many interested parties has also been quite remarkable.”

The letter was signed by the Chief Executive of the Association of Colleges, Martin Doel, the Chief Executive Officer of the Association of Employment and Learning Providers, Stewart Segal, and the Chief Officer of the Association of Adult Education and Training, Bob Powell.

David Hughes said:

“I am really grateful for the letter from Martin, Stewart and Bob and appreciate their thanks and praise. I have worked hard to help establish the Foundation and am delighted that I will be serving on the Board for the next 12 months to be able to carry on supporting it through the next phase of its work. The Foundation is an important part of the sector as we face up to what will be a period of funding challenges and great change; exactly the time when all of the leaders in the sector need to work together to build on the strengths we know we have.”