New interim Chief Exec at Skills Funding Agency

21 November 2013

NIACE is looking forward to working with Barbara Spicer, the new interim Chief Executive of the Skills Funding Agency, who will take up her new role on Monday 25 November.

David Hughes, NIACE Chief Executive, said:

“NIACE is looking forward to working with Barbara Spicer as she starts out in what is a crucial role as interim Chief Executive at the Skills Funding Agency. We have had a very productive and close working relationship with the Agency. In particular, we have been privileged to manage a number of research, development and grant-funding projects on behalf of the Agency to enhance learning opportunities for all adults, and we are currently proud to be managing the Agency’s fund to advance equality, diversity and inclusion in adult learning.

“On a personal level, I would like to offer Kim Thorneywork my best wishes, and those of everyone at NIACE, for a speedy recovery. Kim has led the Agency with great effectiveness and we appreciate her support for our work ensuring that adults have opportunities to learn throughout their lives.”