Minister praises new NIACE maths app

19 November 2013

The new NIACE maths app – Maths Everywhere – has been praised by the Skills Minister, Matthew Hancock MP, at the AoC Conference in Birmingham today, as one example of how technology is transforming teaching and learning.

Matthew Hancock, said:

“Embracing technology involves changing the role of the teacher. Less lecturer, more tutor. Supporting and guiding pupils as they learn. Developing character. mentoring and motivating. Just as blackboards were resisted two hundred years ago because teachers didn’t want to turn their backs to the class, but quickly became ubiquitous, so in a few short years online technology will form a huge part of the way we teach.”

The beta version of Maths Everywhere was introduced to an enthusiastic public at The Skills Show last week. Both tutors and learners of all ages commented on how incredibly useful Maths Everywhere was in its potential to not only improve their maths skills, but to also provide help with everyday tasks like budgeting, sharing the cost of a meal and working out the price of a journey.

Tom Stannard, Director of Communications and Public Affairs, said:

“With almost half of all adults struggling with some aspects of everyday maths it is essential for us to find ways to help them improve their skills and lose their fear of maths. It is encouraging to hear the Minister praise Maths Everywhere, which we know will encourage adults to become more confident with maths. We welcome Matthew Hancock’s ongoing recognition for our work supporting basic skills for adults. This work is essential to help address the many challenges that our country faces, not least those highlighted in the recent OECD Survey of Adult Skills. Adults need the opportunity to learn at times and in places that are right for them and we know that being accessible through smartphones and tablets, Maths Everywhere will be right at their fingertips. Once people improve their maths skills, this will have a positive impact on their families, friends and in the long term will help support growth across the economy.”

Maths Everywhere has been developed by NIACE, Bolton College and Modern English (a Manchester-based digital agency). The beta version is now available online and the final version will be officially launched at NIACE’s Learning at the Digital Frontier Conference on Thursday 11 December 2013.

Maths Everywhere is part of the nationwide initiative, Maths4Us, a partnership of over 20 national organisations, that have joined together to take strategic action on adult maths.