Equality and Diversity in Family Learning

18 November 2013

The Skills Funding Agency is funding a new national family learning development project, through the Equality and Diversity Innovation Fund (2013/14), the only family learning project funded by this grant. Family Learning is uniquely placed to bring together diverse disadvantaged and often marginalised individuals, in accessible community venues such as schools, children’s centres and libraries, with the common interest of supporting their children’s learning alongside improving their own skills and opportunities. The Equality and Diversity in Family Learning programme will increase the ability of the Family Learning workforce nationally to deliver high-quality, personalised learning programmes that effectively embed equality and diversity to respond more directly to learner needs. The project will review existing best practice, identify criteria to form the foundation of a Best Practice Guide, collect and create resources, provide free online access to resources and support and develop a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) training programme for Family Learning Providers.

The EDFL project is being delivered through a partnership between FLLAG (Family Learning Local Authority Group), a national network of local authority Family Learning managers, via Croydon Adult Learning and Training (CALAT) in its capacity as chair of FLLAG, with the Campaign for Learning and the National Family Learning Network.

The full list of successful EDIF projects can be found here.