Intensive English and maths provision for unemployed adults

25 October 2013

NIACE is reporting on intensive delivery of English and maths provision for unemployed adults, and is calling for information on behalf of Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.

In the context of this work, NIACE refers to:

  • Provision for unemployed adults as provision into which people are referred by Jobcentre Plus. However, NIACE is also interested to hear about provision to which unemployed adults may self-refer.
  • Intensive provision as provision in the region of 12 or more hours per week. This could be standalone English, maths or English and maths together and/or with other subjects. NIACE is not specifying a particular length of course or number of guided learning hours as it anticipates that this will vary between providers.

Alex Stevenson, NIACE Senior Project Officer, said:

“If you are an English and maths provider funded by the Skills Funding Agency and offering intensive English and maths provision to unemployed adults, please take the time to complete our online survey. Your response will help us to advise the government on behalf of providers and learners. The more providers we hear from, the better placed we will be to influence policy decisions and support better practice in the sector.”

NIACE’s online survey is open until Friday 29 November. For a Word version, or to submit other relevant information, contact Alex Stevenson on or 0116 204 4247.