Free online maths courses launched to support adults

2 October 2013

Three online maths courses to help adults improve their skills, manage their money and support their children, have been produced together by NIACE, Jisc and Learning Unlimited, as part of the national Maths4Us initiative.

The three short courses – Everyday Maths, Everyday Finance and Helping Children with Maths – can be accessed for free by people either on their own or in a group or classroom setting and are suitable for:

  • New and current learners.
  • Flexible learning, as they are designed to be ‘dipped in and out of’.
  • Adults with maths skills up to Level 2 (GCSE-equivalent).
  • People who will benefit from the use videos to introduce different topics, as well as quizzes and games to help check and develop skills.

Everyday Maths helps adults to develop the skills involved in everyday life, like using timetables to plan journeys and planning ratios required for healthy living and nutrition.

Everyday Finance helps adults to develop skills and strategies for calculating their income and outgoings, their pay, budgeting and understanding on-line banking.

Helping Children with Maths provides parents and carers with fun ideas and the confidence to support children (aged 3 – 8) with knowledge on topics covering shapes and measurements.

Sue Southwood, NIACE Project Manager, said:

“Around 1 in 4 adults have some difficulty with maths and this affects them as parents, workers and citizens in everyday life. By embedding maths in day-to-day activities, these bite-sized courses will help adults to see maths as relevant to their lives and not simply a subject on the school curriculum. These resources are particularly helpful for people who may be facing changes in their lives such as being new to the UK, changing from weekly to monthly payments (at work or on benefit), those getting a bank account for the first time or if they want to be more involved with their children’s schoolwork.”

Beth Kelly, Chief Executive of Learning Unlimited, said:

“The numeracy specialists worked with artists, musicians, video makers and IT specialists to develop this innovative and creative numeracy content for these courses. Using their experience of working with adults in further and higher education, prisons, the community, trade unions, the army and in family learning contexts, they created resources that will engage a whole range of adult learners, in many different ways. We look forward to hearing how people use these resources through the feedback opportunities on the website, which will help design future development of courses like these.”

NIACE and Learning Unlimited are offering a workshop for providers – in Leicester on 10 December – to explore ways of getting the most from the new online maths courses for their learners.