Community Learning providers urged to use new website

11 September 2013

A new Community Learning resources website has been launched by NIACE, on behalf of the Skills Funding Agency, to help adult learning providers understand and adapt to the 2013/14 Community Learning reforms.

Community Learning Reform is based on feedback from a series of national and regional events, hosted by NIACE, which briefed providers on the new requirements for Community Learning. As part of the next stage of the support programme for Community Learning, the Agency commissioned NIACE to develop a website as a single source of information, resources, materials, case studies and guidance.

Registering for the website is free, straightforward and open to all. It also gives users the chance to access all resources, join mailing groups and discussion forums, receive e-mail alerts about news, and provide feedback on the resources available. Community Learning Reform includes:

  • Links to guidance documents on the latest Community Learning policies from the Skills Funding Agency and the Department for Business, Innovation, and Skills (BIS)
  • Materials and resources for all aspects of Community Learning
  • Examples from the Community Learning Trust pilots on new approaches to Community Learning
  • Discussions on key Community Learning topics
  • Opportunities to share approaches and good practice

Jon Gamble, Director of Community Learning Reform, Skills Funding Agency:

“Community Learning is important. And so the Agency has supported the development of this new Community Learning Reform website. We now have the opportunity to build on the fantastic work of the Community Learning Trust pilots to develop a national Community Learning partner network that we hope can reach out to at least a million or more individuals over the next 12 months in new and innovative ways. I urge all Community Learning providers, and anybody with an interest in Community Learning, to register on the site, as we work together to meet the challenge.”

Carol Taylor, NIACE Director for Development and Research, said:

“Last year NIACE ran the support programme for the Community Learning Trusts Initiative, working with providers in receipt of Community Learning funding from the Skills Funding Agency, to help them consider effective ways of managing locally focused, partnership approaches to delivering a service to local people. All providers in receipt of this funding have been expected to develop their own approach to delivering community learning since 1 August, and this website is now offering front line support and a first step portal for providers.”

More content will be developed and added to the website throughout the coming months.