Learning’s role in easing Europe’s economic challenges

6 June 2013

The contribution adult education and skills can play in tackling the challenges facing Europe’s economy were explored at an international conference hosted by NIACE and the EAEA.

Building on NIACE’s Learning for a better world event in April, The European Year of Citizens 2013 Conference stressed the need for making a better case for investment in adult learning and for developing robust strategies to support adults who have benefited least from their initial education.

Those attending the conference had the chance to hear the latest thinking and policy analysis from across Europe on a range of issues. These included discussions on why the current crisis is about more than just the economy, on adult learning for active citizenship, employability, democratic engagement and European solidarity, and the risks of exclusion on minorities.

Joyce Black, NIACE Head of Skills for Life, and newly elected EAEA Board member, said:

“At a time of financial crisis all nations in Europe face the same challenges – while government policy focuses on the economy and employment we also need to be concerned about the decline in democratic engagement and active citizenship.

“That is why, during the European Year of Citizens, we are delighted that adult educators from over 30 nations across Europe and farther afield are joining us to make recommendations to local, national and European policy makers.”