NIACE response to Skills for Life Survey full report

13 December 2012

NIACE has responded to the findings of The 2011 Skills for Life Survey: A Survey of Literacy, Numeracy and ICT Levels in England, published by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS).

Carol Taylor, NIACE Director for Development and Research, said:

“There has been a huge effort from teachers, managers, volunteers and learners over the past 10 years leading to a significant improvement in the literacy skills of the country, albeit for those at a higher level. NIACE’s inquiries into literacy and numeracy, and the Government’s Review of Skills for Life, have all shown that those with the lowest skills have been the least well served. We still have far too many adults with very poor literacy and we need to find new ways to engage them in improving their English skills.

This report shows that the numeracy skills of the population continue to be a cause for concern. One in six of the adult population has some difficulty with aspects of reading and writing and one in four struggles with maths. This means they are seriously disadvantaged in many aspects of their lives including in work, in health and in their roles as parents and carers.

It’s vital that we ensure that all adults are given the opportunity to learn the English and maths skills they need for everyday life. We are pleased to be leading a national initiative – Action on Adult Maths – to engage and enthuse people about maths in the New Year and to help them to take up opportunities to improve their skills.”