NIACE response to Minister’s statement on qualifications

21 November 2012

Responding to the announcement about qualifications, made by the Minister for Skills, Matthew Hancock, on Tuesday 20 November, Joyce Black, Head of Life Skills at NIACE, said:

“NIACE welcomes the Minister’s approach to raising and identifying the value of vocational qualifications and the reference to high quality and relevant qualifications for adults, both within and outside of Apprenticeships.

“We also welcome his view that the benefits and skills system should interact more effectively. We have been calling for this for a long time. It doesn’t make sense that some learners can complete units of qualifications whilst others cannot, depending on their benefit situation.

“NIACE calls for all learners to be able to learn in the most appropriate way, for some this will be getting the taste for learning through a unit based offer and for others, going on to complete a whole qualification.”

In his speech to the Association of Colleges Conference, yesterday, the Minister for Skills, Matthew Hancock, said:

“The QCF is here to stay as an organising framework post-19, but we must be more rigorous about what’s on it, and about what we in Government are prepared to spend scarce resources on. For vocational education to be valued and held in high esteem we must be uncompromising about the value added of vocational education.”