NIACE welcomes new services to support parents

18 May 2012

NIACE has welcomed the Government’s announcement on 18 May of more advice, information and support for parents.

Carol Taylor, Director for Development and Research at NIACE, said:

“We welcome support for all parents from pregnancy onwards. We believe that it is essential for all parents to have access to the kind of supp ort they both want and need at such a dramatic transformation in their lives. However, we are especially concerned about those who may not have the necessary literacy skills to access and understand the information that is so necessary throughout pregnancy and parenthood. In this country there are around five million people who have low levels of literacy, including those who may speak a range of different languages, and those who may be on the wrong side of the digital divide, which is currently around 8 million people.”

“NIACE suggests that supporting parents to learn with and about their children through family learning groups might not only further improve their ability to parent, but may also develop their other skills and self-confidence. Working together in schools, Sure Start Centres, parks and faith groups, as well as having access to information, builds confidence and support networks badly needed by those adults who feel most worried about their parenting skills.”