NIACE welcomes launch of National Numeracy

9 March 2012

NIACE welcomes the recent launch of National Numeracy and looks forward to continuing to work closely with the new organisation to make the case for more, better and different maths learning for adults.

Being numerate and understanding when and where to use maths is a vital part of being able to function as citizens, parents, employers or employees and entrepreneurs. Last year, NIACE led an independent Inquiry into Adult Numeracy and invited evidence from a wide range of individuals and organisations from education and wider social policy areas to explore why, despite the successes of a range of government and other initiatives, progress in numeracy lags behind that in literacy. One of the Inquiry report’s key recommendations was the establishment of an ‘all-age’ forum of key organisations to bring together key players to promote the social and economic importance of numeracy and identify and promote approaches that work for adults, children and families.

Sue Southwood, NIACE Programme Manager, said:

“We have been working with National Numeracy to bring together maths experts from all sectors to shine a spotlight on adult numeracy. National Numeracy’s recent launch ignited a storm of media interest – most of which focused on the skills of adults. We are delighted that adult numeracy is being discussed in a wide range of media circles – from Jonathan Dimbleby on Radio 4 to Vernon Kay on Radio 1. We are continuing to work with this new organisation to advocate for more, better and different numeracy learning for adults.”

Mike Ellicock, Chief Executive, National Numeracy said:

“We have consulted extensively with NIACE and many other organisations and individuals in the creation of National Numeracy. We will now continue to work collaboratively with NIACE and others to bring the spotlight onto numeracy and in doing so look to replicate the improvement in adult literacy that we have seen over the past decade.”