NIACE signs MOUs with digital learning partners

22 August 2011

NIACE, JISC Advance and the Association for Learning Technology (ALT) share a common commitment to ensuring that access to adult learning opportunities are enhanced and enabled by ICT. The Memorandum of Understandings (MOUs) between NIACE and JISC Advance and NIACE and ALT seal long-standing relationships and will strengthen proven good partnership working.

Mark Ravenhall, NIACE’s Director of Policy & Impact, said:

“NIACE argued successfully for public funding to be extended to enable JISC Advance to take their high quality support beyond colleges and universities and to reach more adult learning providers. This has been a great success and our MOU will help us to continue the good working relationship we developed, which has played a key part in raising the quality of learning experiences for adults.”

“We’re pleased to be formalising our existing good relations with ALT through the signing of this MOU. We have a track record of successful working and clear areas of common interest, so we look forward to the continued growth in our collaboration.”

Alastair Clark, NIACE’s lead for Digital Learning, said:

“Our MOU with JISC Advance really does give us a firm footing on which to continue our excellent relationship. We already have plans for a programme of activities with the JISC Advance Regional Support centres and with the accessibility experts Techdis, which we plan to extend to include even more of the JISC Advance services.”

“Although NIACE and ALT have clear and distinct roles, we do have a strong common interest focussed on ensuring good quality learning for adults. Where adults choose to use digital technology as part of their learning programme, they should have the best. Our partnership with ALT will help both organisations to make this case at policy and practice level alike.”

Guy Lambert, Managing Director of JISC Advance, said:

“It is particularly important for JISC Advance to work in a complementary manner with membership organisations. Combining our expertise in technology with NIACE’s deep understanding of adult learning provides a unique capability to support learning providers and learners to get the best results from their endeavours.”

Sal Cooke, Director of JISC Techdis and the Stakeholder Engagement lead for JISC Advance said:

“It is vital that work continues between these two key organisations to help the education sector meet the many challenges to come. This memorandum will help create a powerful synergy and ensure that even more providers benefit from the many services offered under the JISC Advance banner.”

Seb Schmoller, Chief Executive of the Association for Learning Technology (ALT), said:

“ALT and NIACE see eye-to-eye on the importance of technology-enhanced learning, and we are pleased to now put our collaboration onto a firm footing through the signing of a formal Memorandum of Understanding. We look forward to working with NIACE in the future.”