NIACE responds to Open Public Services

13 July 2011

The Government White Paper, Open Public Services, published earlier this week sets out five guiding principles for modernising public services:

  • increased choice;
  • decentralisation to the lowest appropriate level;
  • open to a range of providers;
  • fair access; and 
  • accountability to users and taxpayers.

NIACE believes that each of these principles has a substantial educational dimension to it and that the Open Public Services White Paper could be strengthened considerably if it had a clear and explicit focus on the learning and skills that ordinary people and communities will need to be empowered and to contribute to the realisation of these principles.

NIACE’s initial response is available to view here and we look forward to more debate and discussion with members, parliamentarians of all parties and other stakeholders in civil society over the coming months to ensure that the planned reform programme results in better services for adult learners.