International ICT in Education prize for NIACE

11 January 2011

NIACE was selected from 50 entrants worldwide on the recommendation of an international jury, appointed by the Director-General of UNESCO, Irina Bokova.

The jury was impressed with NIACE’s work in taking digital learning opportunities to marginalised groups of learners. In particular the 3,000 E-Guides who have been trained as tutors to work with adults supported by national and regional networks and the 194 projects providing internet access and training to older people in sheltered housing. NIACE is considered by the jury to provide an exemplary model to other countries looking to help adults achieve digital literacy.

Alastair Clark, NIACE Senior Programme Director, Digital Learning Team, said:

“NIACE’s programmes – which seek to ensure that no learner is denied access to the benefits of technology – are the result of years of hard work from a dedicated team. Our research into digital learning has informed the way that we have devised and delivered national programmes of staff training and organisation-wide application of technology. This award is very gratefully received and one of its great features is that it gives all of those who enter a chance to learn from each other.”

“Even though 46 per cent of providers say that their staff can use technology confidently, we still have more work to do to bring that figure up to 100 per cent. NIACE’s work will continue in the future to help learners to contribute more and to be part of the digital community of the 21st Century.”

Susan Easton, NIACE Senior Project Officer, Digital Learning Team, said:

“As a partner in the Race on Line 2012 campaign, NIACE believes that winning this award highlights our long-term commitment to helping adults develop their digital skills.”

Barbara Nance, NIACE Senior Project Officer, Digital Learning Team, said:

“We could not have gained this award without our funders and partners. In particular our E-guides programme has benefitted greatly from integration with the LSIS eCPD programme.”

Sarah Perry, NIACE Project Officer, Digital Learning Team, said:

“Friends and colleagues encouraged us to enter for the award as so much of our work at NIACE aligns with this year’s theme of Digital Literacy: Preparing Adult Learners for Lifelong Learning and Flexible Employment.”

Ian Pettit, NIACE Research Assistant, Digital Learning Team, said:

“The process of creating the portfolio of evidence for the award was itself a very positive team-work experience. It allowed us to take stock of what we had achieved over the last few years. Our application to UNESCO was effectively a team Curriculum Vitae.”

Attending the ceremony was the Chair of NIACE’s board, Nick Stuart, Senior Programme Director of NIACE’s Digital Learning Team, Alastair Clark and Programme Director in NIACE’s Digital Learning Team, Patsy Quinn.